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Reverend Jessica A. Bender offers Specialized Design Services including Garden Style Wedding Flowers and Herbalism. 


                Floral Design

We source flowers growing in the region whenever possible and special order your event every time. From start to finish, we give your wedding special attention to make memorable floral arrangements that will bring your event together.

We also create unique customizable class settings to help you create your own arrangements.  They are a fun way to learn some basics of floral arranging, and be able to do professional flowers for any occasion.  The focus is on heart-centered floral arrangements with meaning for the client utilizing design skills and work experience in the wedding industry.  We listen to your floral needs to provide you with excellent quality floral design. 

Reverend Jessica A. Bender is a Designer, Celebrant, and Aromatherapy and Herbalism Educator.  She has been in gardens from the time she was a year old.  Her mother and neighbor friends had extensive perennial gardens connected by a gate, and she worked in many others during high school.  There she developed a keen sense of the variety of plants, an awareness of the importance of native plant species, and a sense of design. 

She studied Design at University of California, Davis to gain an academic foundation for Form and Color in regards to many applications such as Architechture, Textiles, and Horticulture.  This has helped tremendously in her pursuit to describe and manifest solutions for clients that are a unique expression of the couple, the families uniting, and to bring it all together with flowers. 

Aromatherapy and Herbal Preparations are another integral part of this company.  Unique and often customized Aromatherapy products are created with you in mind.  Our blends of herbs integrate North American, Ayurvedic, and Chinese Herbalism.  Contact us for questions about this life-enriching topic!             

Education and Relevant Work Experience:

2011-2014- Currently enrolled in Avicenna Institute for Aromatherapy

2012-2013 - Completed Green Medicine Series focused on Herbal Preparations and Aromatherapy for Body Systems.  

2010 - Graduated from University of California, Davis with a Bachelor's Degree in Design with an emphasis in Textiles and a Minor in Writing. 

2000-2002 - Flowers Unique by Marchand in Alexandria, VA.  Specialized in English Garden Style Flowers for weddings and events, including many weekly orders.